Fund Members

The Justice Fund is a community of philanthropic funders working to help dismantle incarceration and its impact on women and families in New York City.

Why Join?

As part of our broader economic justice strategy, The New York Women’s Foundation launched the Justice Fund to help dismantle mass incarceration and its impact on women and families. The Fund is a first of its kind effort to bring a gender and racial equity lens to effect broad-based community engagement and systems change; uplift the leadership of directly impacted women and system-impacted family and community members; and support transformative reentry, preventative and reengagement strategies and programs.

The Fund is a collaborative effort spearheaded and managed by The Foundation in partnership with philanthropic organizations and individual donors.

Through this collaboration, philanthropy is mobilized to increase sustained investments for organizations that are working to end mass incarceration and its effects:

  • The Fund’s collaborative nature creates a multiplier effect. As new funding partners join forces, investments continue to grow, ultimately reaching more communities by allowing more grants to be disbursed.
  • The Fund assembles philanthropic partners to support community-based solutions and demonstrate success in New York City that can be replicated nationally.
  • We connect funding partners with the work on the ground. By centering the voices of directly impacted women and system impacted families and communities, funding partners have a greater connection to their work.

We welcome your support and partnership in the fight to end mass incarceration. To learn more about becoming a funding partner, please contact Dominique-Laura Pierce at

Funding Partners